TOP 3 Propane Refrigerators

If you live much of your life in your RV, on the road, or off-grid, investing in a propane refrigerator should be at the top of your list of portable appliances. Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or want to limit your electricity usage, they’re the only way to keep your food and drink cool over time.

Our comparisons will help you choose what’s suitable for your needs. So, let’s get into it.

SMETA 3-Way Fridge

Three-way absorption fridges are very common and, least to say, ideal for RVs. This model offered by SMETA has an elegant black look with a portable size of 2.1 cubic feet. Unfortunately, it does not have any freezer, making it less efficient for use inside a dorm or garage.

SMETA always offers noise cancellation technology, and this model is no different. The reversible doors with three plastic shelves will ensure storing your drinks and frozen food. In addition,it has an advanced cooling system and is ideal for places with fewer electric supplies.

It is a freestanding propane fridge that has a total of 2.1 cubic feet of fresh food capacity. The whole item weighs only 50 pounds. Hence, easy to carry anywhere.


  • Advanced cooling system
  • Noise cancellation
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Stylish look


  • Inefficient on 12V DC power

Our Verdict: If you have a life on RV trucks or always having summer camping around the tracks, we will highly recommend this 3-way fridge propane refrigerator. But we won’t recommend it for van life.


Unique has improved its size with the inception of this model. As a result, the freezer is more expensive than previous models. It now has a freezer size of 1.7 cubic feet. Previous ones had freezers with a height of 1.1 cubic feet. With this Unique propane fridge, you can make yourself comfortable for the weekends and drinks.

All Unique 8 versions come with LPG and AC voltage power systems. The fridge has such advanced technology that we cannot but say this is the best propane refrigerator on the market. Battery-operated interior lights, flame indicator, thermostat, etc., make it worth the money.

You have to remember that this is a large refrigerator and is ideal for households only. It weighs 172 lbs. with a fridge size of 6.3 cubic feet. Unique Propane Fridge will ensure food preservation with its advanced cooling system.


  • Large freezer
  • Battery operated ignition
  • Safety shut off feature


  • Too much space for a single person

Our verdict: If you have a stable family with 4-5 members, we recommend this propane fridge. It’s worth every penny.

VBENLEM Absorption Fridge

A propane fridge is expensive most of the time, but you get the best deal on VBNLEM Absorption Fridge. This model is relatively small, with a space of only 1.8 cubic feet. However, the shiny black colour, advanced absorption quality, and stunning design make it the best propane refrigerator in the saturated market.

VBENLEM doesn’t have a freezer inside it. Instead, it provides all the latest techs of a propane fridge at a low cost. VBENLEM is eco-friendly and has a noise cancellation feature like other advanced fridges. It also has multiple power options.

As VBENLEM is small and weighs less, you can easily carry it anywhere. Moreover, the lockable door feature is quite attractive.


  • Quality fridge with low price
  • Noise-free
  • Lockable and reversible door
  • Easy to carry


  • No freezer

Our Verdict: If you are looking for something great at a low price, VBENLEM is the perfect fit. We’d also suggest it if you roam around on RVs or are fond of camping.